Anti-MLM Allies: HYIPs, Ponzi Schemes & The Scourge of the MLM Industries

I would like to share some information from an anti-MLM ally, Jon Walsh.

In his article originally published in February 2016, Jon explores the relationship between online advertisements and the fraudulent operations of Ponzi schemes. He would like to see this issue brought back into the light and open up for discussion. Read Jon’s full article here.

For those not familiar with the MLM in his article, Jon explains his area of interest as follows:

“…High-yield investment programmes (HYIPs) are the scourge of the MLM industry (which is already full of dross). They are effectively Ponzi schemes as there is no product and investors buy in with the belief that can make more than 100% ROI on their investment [although they don’t call it that] where it’s all just numbers on a screen going up. People believe they can become millionaires for no work – if they can get paid out, it’s just enough to make it legit. People think that doing ‘due diligence’  is seeing if other people have been paid. They attract vulnerable and easily persuaded people. They have been called financial cults…

Please don’t forget to connect with Jon via the Twitter link provided above.

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