Reblogged: An Interview with Paige; a Sexual Abuse Survivor Who Attended the Younique Foundation Haven Retreat

ApportionedMembrane speaks to Paige, an attendee of the Younique Foundation Haven Retreat, who wished to provide a counter-opinion to Albie’s.

Ah, the Younique Foundation – a topic that has stirred quite the hornet’s nest. First, I teamed up with Maz Carrah, producing two articles that deconstructed the wild claims that presenters like to make about funding and what it actually does. To recap, check out Charity or Travesty and the Rose Gold Kudos follow-up.

Eventually, I was contacted by a sexual abuse survivor named Albie. She had applied to attend the Haven Retreat in Utah, and found the ‘interview process’ cold, clinical and unnerving – she asked if she could anonymously share her account with me. Thus stirred the hornets – some descended upon Albie’s post, in their dogged determination to defend the Retreat. They seemed to disregard what she had actually been through.

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Reblogged: Chamaaaazing Results (Don’t Believe What You See)

Elle’s friend, ChammyIRL, has discovered the secret to instant weight loss, hair growth and cures for chronic illnesses (apparently) – read on.

Oh my word, she’s only gone and done it. UK Lifestyle Blogger ChammyIRL has a little secret and she can’t keep it any longer – the secret to instant results for weight loss, hair growth, chronic illness cures, and everything else that is wrong with you.

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Reblogged: Raising Brows – and Prices…

Elle’s Anti-MLM Ally, Maz Carrah, provides a honest review of Younique’s Brow Gel and Brow Liner.

Maz Carrah is back with another #Poonique product review.  Check out her assessment of the Moodstruck Precision Brow Gel and Liner Set in her article Raising Brows – and Prices…

brow gel and liner_0

Reblogged: Royalty Shine Cleansing Cloths – You won’t find these in Buckingham Palace, Hun.

My new-found friend, Maz Carrah, lets out her inner “Mean Girl” with an honest review of the #Poonique Royalty Shine Cloths. Check it out here.


The Little Purple Younique Card

Elle never went into as much detail about the “little purple card”, as she never used hers. Maz Carrah did, however. Elle shares Maz’s article, which goes in-depth about the fees and nonsense surrounding this Younique card.

You may have seen a Y-hun on your newsfeed refer to “her little purple card”.  I certainly did, back when Scarlett was bragging about the things she had bought back in Chapter 9. However, I never really used my card so I couldn’t give you as much tell-all information on it.  Not so fortunately for her, my fellow ex-Pooniquer Maz Carrah did. 

credit card whats that

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Anti-MLM Allies: HYIPs, Ponzi Schemes & The Scourge of the MLM Industries

In his article originally published in February 2016, Elle’s anti-MLM ally Jon Walsh explores the relationship between online advertisements and the fraudulent operations of Ponzi schemes. He would like to see this issue brought back into the light and open up for discussion. Read Jon’s full article here.

I would like to share some information from an anti-MLM ally, Jon Walsh.

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Reblogged: My MLM Makeover – Transforming Me Into A Stranger

A reblogged post from lifestyle blogger and fellow Brit, Chammy in Real Life. For a time, Chammy was also enticed by #Poonique and the Y-life…before she realised that it was all just a polished turd.

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