Younique News Bulletin – Elle’s 3rd Facebook Page Removed Too

Elle's 3rd Facebook Page Removed

I don’t know why I’m even bothering to write this, but here we go; Facebook have now taken down (aka Zucc’d) my third Facebook page. I am surprised that they acted so quickly on this occasion.

To recap; first they unpublished my original Facebook page in June 2018. At the beginning of October 2018, the Facebook overlords went on to demolish my backup page, ‘Elle Beau Emergency Shelter. Methinks this is social media war.

Do Facebook even know what their community standards are?

I really don’t think so, especially when it seems pages promoting violence and inciting hatred seem to hold their positions (see ProPublica‘s Machine Bias investigation, “Facebook’s Uneven Enforcement of Hate Speech Rules Allows Vile Posts to Stay Up.”

Never forget how the original anti-MLM giants Timeless Vie lost their original Facebook page. Not even a petition could get Facebook to reverse their decision. The Internet’s most trusted scam buster, Ethan Vanderbuilt, has also found his Facebook page and YouTube channel taken down, but thankfully reinstated.

Here we go again Facebook 3

I just can’t put my finger on why this has happened a second and now third time. 


When this happened to Timeless Vie, they believed it could have been retaliation by either pro-MLM industry participants, or “others who were unhappy with the campaign’s ability to change the conversation around women, Mormonism, feminism and multi-level marketing companies.”  For examples of their previous successes, please see “Major Charity Foundation drops MLM “Safe Girl” from awards after outcry”  or “Social Selling company Stella & Dot loses partnership after outcry on social media.”

What happens next?

Timeless Vie eventually went on to set up a new Facebook page, ‘Timeless Vie Emergency Shelter.’ For now, I’ll still be contactable under our joint coalition Facebook page, ‘The Anti-MLM Coalition‘, but its main purpose now will be to auto-post useful anti-MLM content as opposed to regular interaction with you all, at least until I can find out what tomfoolery is afoot.

Here we go again Facebook

What I will miss is interaction I have with my Facebook followers. good and bad – there are a lot of you, and I hope you’ll be able to find me on my other mediums.

I have various other social media accounts you can follow me on…although as Instagram walks hand-in-hand with Facebollocks, I do wonder how long I’ll be residing on there. 😉

Here we go again Facebook 2

You can also seek Facebook group support and critical discussion via Sounds Like MLM But OK and MLM Lies Exposed. Please ensure you support all of those who are speaking up in the #AntiMLMmovement – we need your support more than ever.

Facebook, this one’s for you.

Elle finger




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