Chapter 10 – Huns, Lies & Dross n’ Roll

Chapter 10

When Chapter 9 came to an end, I had just about managed to resolve mascara-gate.  I was starstruck after Green Elite Overlord Tania had given my ego a thorough good stroking, Bethany had completely cracked up, and Harriet was in a pickle after assuring her vegan friend that Younique is cruelty-free (its not).  

This takes us to…

Chapter 10 – Huns, Lies & Dross n’ Roll

Before reading Chapter 10 of my experience with MLMs (namely Younique), please remind yourself of my mission statement hereIn a nutshell, all views presented in this blog are mine, and mine only.  Your own personal experiences with MLM companies may differ, negatively or positively.  All names and identifying features have been changed to protect the individuals concerned.

As a reminder, here is what Harriet had posted on her wall…


The cruelty-free element had piqued the interest of a vegan on Harriet’s friends-list.  In fact, this friend was so interested that she subsequently placed an order of nearly £200 with her!

I mean, yes, you would assume the customer would have done her own research, but remember, this was back in 2015 and no one could really give a straight answer.  There’s an interesting article explaining this by vegan lifestyle guide, Ethical Elephant.  Read the full article here.  

Fellow blogger Chammy in Real Life used to be a Younique rep too, and even touched upon this issue in on her website (here).  So, it was essentially the blind leading the blind!

Anyhow…back to Harriet’s moral dilemma.

“She’s already paid me and I’ve put the order through!! :/ ” panicked Harriet.

Scarlett was quiet for a moment, presumably pondering how best to resolve this situation.

We didn’t have to wait too long for her response.

“Babes, I’ve just spoken to Camilla about it.  Given the circumstances, I think ignorance is bliss, if you get what I mean… ❤ “

[Elle’s note: As a reminder, Camilla is Scarlett’s upline, and an Exemplary Blue Presenter]

“So, you think I should just keep quiet? 😮 ❤ ” asked Harriet.

“Absolutely, hun! 🙂 ” assured Scarlett.  “Just play dumb, pretend you didn’t know.”


This didn’t sit too comfortably with me.  I have vegan friends myself, and I was fully aware of how important their beliefs are to them.

“Hang on…I thought you said you wanted us to keep our noses clean? :/ ” I asked.  “Plus, it doesn’t seem cool, telling a vegan something is cruelty-free when it isn’t…”

“Elle, we’re meant to be a sisterhood!!! ❤ ” replied Scarlett.  “You know poor Harriet has been struggling to make sales.  We should be uplifting and empowering each other! :/ :/

“Yeah, in fairness I do really need this sale, babes,” said Harriet.

It still seemed shitty to me.  My opinion on the matter just seemed to wind Scarlett up further though.

“Vegan or not, I’ve got to say this, girls.  Personally I am SICK of bitches criticising our makeup for not being cruelty-free! 😡 😡 I’m sorry, but its doing my head in!” she declared.

“Yikes, calm down, babes! 😦 ❤ ” said Harriet.  

“I can’t, I just need to get this off my chest,” said Scarlett.  “Hopefully this will help you girls when responding to anyone whinging about cruelty-free brands!”

Oh heck…Scarlett had cast aside her positive, Law-of-Attraction-loving facade to go on a bit of a rant…


“Bitches be all like ‘OMGGGGGG, how can you use makeup that’s been tested on animals‘ – but I’ll bet they haven’t stopped to look at what they’re using in their kitchen cupboards or to clean their bathroom! 😡 ” she fumed.

Ah, she was back to typing like the Scarlett I knew and loved from high school. 

“Sorry, huns, I am just SICK of hypocrite bitches! ❤ “

“Okay, point taken,” I said.  “Its just I know some people have different ethics when it comes down to cosmetic testing. :/

“Yes, but what Harriet’s customer doesn’t know won’t hurt her!” continued Scarlett.  “And, if she does find out and wants her money back, Harriet just needs to act innocent! :p ❤  Honestly, Elle – have some support for your Y-sisters, we’re all trying to make our businesses work! ❤ “

And like that, Scarlett had reverted back to her positive, Law of Attraction lexis.

Despite my moral compass going off faster than a helicopter in a tailspin, I decided to let it go.  Scarlett had a point, I suppose.  Harriet had often grumbled in the Butterfly Babes chat that no one had been interested in buying, and she was starting to get downhearted.

I knew that feeling.  I was still waiting for Pip’s notorious mascara to arrive, as well as the Black Friday Bundle that the smooth-tongued Green Elite Overlord Tania had persuaded me to invest in.  I also had a heavy feeling in my stomach, whenever I thought of all the stock I had purchased whilst yet to make a decent sale.

It was clearly my mindset.  I was not trying hard enough, and it was showing.  Perhaps I needed to look into the Law of Attraction way of thinking, just like Scarlett was always saying…


Putting my negative mindset aside for a moment, and Harriet’s cruelty-free slip-up, another exciting announcement from our Elite Green Overlord was in the pipeline.

Barely days since Tania’s EEEEEKKKing over the Black Friday Bundle, came some more news to help kick-start our businesses.  Back we flocked to Butterfly Boutique Boss Babes group for another live Facebook update.

There she was, smiling from her cream leather sofa, Boss Babe mug in her hand.  As it was getting closer to 9:30pm, she was wearing a fluffy pink dressing-gown in place of her glittery jumper.

“Girls. I simply cannot BELIEVE this amazing company!” she beamed, squealing with delight.  “How incredible that we’ve got yet ANOTHER amazing bundle heading our way!  How generous are they??”

She took a satisfied gulp from the Boss Babe mug.  Presumably she had swapped the latte for Ovaltine, if she was getting ready for bed.

Once she had given us enough time to digest this announcement, she held her iPad up to the screen to show us the amazing offer.  Again, as per the Black Friday Bundle announcement I discussed in Chapter 9, I could not find a decent version of the UK image, so I hope this suffices…


“Isn’t it amaaaaazing??” Tania squealed.  “Its yet another fantastic opportunity to get those customer sales.  This bundle will help you make EVEN MORE PROFIT!!”

Tania went on to explain that this Cyber Monday Special was £77, and – after the Black Friday Bundle – the best value bundle she had seen in a long time.  Should we purchase this, we would get…

    • Yet another famous Moodstruck 3D Fiber Lashes+ Mascara worth £23
    • Moodstruck Opulence Lipstick in our choice of shade, worth £15
    • Moodstruck Opulence Lipstick in exclusive Stuck Up shade, worth £15
    • Another Moodstruck Precision Brow Gel in our choice of shade, worth £15
    • Uplift Eye Serum again, worth £50(!!!)
    • Limited edition Kudos bag.

    “You’d be MAD not to take advantage of this one too, ladies!” Tania cooed.  “I mean, the Uplift Eye Serum is worth £50 as it is, and you’ll be paying a mere £77 for this set!!  O-M-G, think of the profits you’ll be making if you combine this with the Black Friday Bundle!  Snap this up, girls – I don’t know when we’ll be next see anything of this value again!”

Well, this announcement had worked Scarlett up into a frenzy.

“EEEEEKKKK!” she declared.  “How amazing is this company?? ❤ “

“Totally!  I’ll definitely be getting mine, babes!” said Kerri.  “This has come at the perfect time, as I’ve booked myself a stall at a local business exhibition! ❤ Think of the profits!!”

“Me too! 🙂 ” said Harriet.  “Especially after I’ve made that big sale to my vegan friend, I’m feeling ready to smash this! ❤ ❤ ❤ “

I wasn’t feeling as excited as the other Butterflies.  I’d already borrowed money from James that I hadn’t been able to pay back yet.  Although, there was our emergency credit card…

“What about you, Elle?  Are you ready to hit refresh?”

“I’m not sure I can spare the cash yet, Scarlett,” I said.  “Especially after the Black Friday Bundle… :/

“Elle, I shouldn’t have to remind you of what an amazing opportunity this is, here!  You heard what Tania said – the Uplift Serum is £50 alone!  Yet, Younique are offering this bundle to us for just £77 – its simply perfect, don’t you think, especially as it’s Christmas season! ❤ “

As I did not respond within 30 seconds, Scarlett must have sent a high-alert to Green Imperial Overlord Tania, who was back to stroke my ego in the blink of an eye.

“Hello, hun!” she messaged.  “Aren’t you excited about the Cyber Monday Special??  Amaaaazing, isn’t it!! ❤ “

“Yes,” I replied.  “Its just a shame that I don’t really have the spare funds right now. 😦 “

“Oh goodness, :/ ” she replied.  “What do you mean, hun?”

“Well, I’m waiting for my Black Friday Bundle to arrive, and my customer’s mascara…I haven’t really made any money at all, especially not to warrant more spending. 😦 “

Well, I wasn’t lying.  

“You’re in a tricky position, hun! ❤ You really, really need to do some work on your mindset.  Because you’re still stuck in your fearful ways, you’re not seeing the big opportunity ahead of you!  Here, let me show you some words I live by…”

And with that, Tania provided me with the words of wisdom she was living her life by.


“You see, hun?  You need to forget your fear – face everything, and rise! ❤ You’re holding negativity in your mind, so you are attracting negative situations.  This next quote says it all, really…”


“This, hun, is pure Law of Attraction! 🙂 You need to fill your mind with positive thoughts about your business, and you will get positivity back!  You will get those orders, and you will get the profits from these fantastic bundles.  Your greatness is waiting, hun, seize it! ❤ ❤ ❤ “

“But, I am a tad worried to be fair. :/


“Don’t let your worries hold you back, hun!  Financial freedom is within your grasp – I predict very big things for you.  Once you get your business off the ground, you’ll be UNSTOPPABLE! ❤ ❤ ❤ “

Tania really wouldn’t hear of my protests, when I tried explaining about my distinct lack of spare cash.

“Surely a supportive relative or friend could help you out, hun?  Or, don’t you have a credit card you could put it on to tide you over? 🙂 I would HATE for you to miss out on the Cyber Monday Special and all those profits!  I’m here to help you SUCCEED! ❤ ❤ “

“I have spent quite a lot already though, Tania… :/

“Every smart businesswomen has had to speculate to accumulate, hun!  Its an investment in your business, remember – spend money to make money. 😀  Do you think the fabulous entrepreneur Michelle Mone had it easy?  Or, what about our revered Law of Attraction mindset coach, Lola Affirmation??  Both of these women made investments in their businesses and are now true boss babes!  Don’t you want to take a leaf from their books? ❤ ❤ ❤ “

Tania had a point.  As she had explained in her live video, there was opportunity here to make a decent profit, and get me well on the way to rocking my business.

i suppose so

Yes, there was our emergency credit card, I suppose.  I really couldn’t bear to borrow more money from James, or go asking my step-sister Danielle for help – especially with how unsupportive of my venture she had been.  Credit card it was…I just wouldn’t tell James.  It wouldn’t take me long to make the money back, especially with Tania being so helpful and supportive.

Which reminded me…I still hadn’t heard back from Danielle since my last message…

Anyway, putting that thought to one side, I found myself placing yet another stock order, putting £77 on our household credit card.  No, this wasn’t an emergency, but it was an investment.  Tania assured me it would be.  I just hoped James wouldn’t notice before I’d made that investment back.

Of course, with playing the order came the payment of my 20% commission as an Entry-Level White Status Presenter, which meant my dizzying wages of £15.40 went flying into my PayQuicker account.

“Don’t forget to announce you’ve been paid on your Facebook!! ❤ ” reminded Scarlett.

I really didn’t like the idea, but after Tania’s advice, I supposed it was time to open up to the idea of being a #bossbabe [shudder] and thinking positive thoughts.  So, accepting Scarlett’s advice, I posted this on my profile…


Naturally, all the Butterfly Babes flocked to ‘like’ it.  Scarlett was even kind enough to add a comment.

“EEEEEKKKK, congrats, babe!  How lucky are we, to have a business where we get paid 3 hours after making the sale??? ❤ ❤ 😮 “

Well, every little helps, I suppose.

Continuing the positive mindset Tania had instilled me with, I started to take my business more seriously.  I changed my Facebook job title to “Small Business Owner at Butterfly Lashes“.  I couldn’t quite bring myself to use Scarlett’s “CEO of my life” analogy.

[Elle’s note: Yes, you’ll be delighted to know that I am cringing in my seat right now].

I also went the full hog of sharing constantly-used images from other reps, in a vain attempt to promote the amaaaazingness of the products, like this one, for example…

Source: Pintrest

Pip even commented on the above image, saying how excited she was about receiving her mascara.  That was good – this customer interest made me feel hyped up, and eager for the prospect of more sales.

Pip didn’t have to wait long.  Later during the week, delivery day came.  Simple little white boxes by courier, containing some flimsy strip of bubble-wrap – the products simply dumped inside.  Luckily, nothing was damaged.


Naturally, I informed the Butterfly Babes that my delivery day had come.  This was Pip’s mascara, the bits and bobs I had ordered for myself, and of course those special value bundles.

“EEEEEKKKK, fantastic opportunity here!” said Scarlett.  “Get everyone hyped up and curious by posting this…”



“But only one person has ordered from me, and that’s Pip… :/ ” I said.

“Yes, but your friends-list don’t know that! 😉 ” said Scarlett.  “Honestly, babes – think about all of these tricks you’re missing!” 

[Elle’s note: I also decided not to mention that I hated the grammar on that image].

Scarlett advised me to once again “trust in the process” by simply alluding to the fact that ALL of the items in the box were current orders, to be handed out to my respective customers.

“I mean, its not technically lying, hun, ❤ ” said Scarlett.  “Yes, those items are for your stock right now, but you’ll be selling them to customers eventually…just not yet! 😉 “

So what did I do?  I laid out all of those items in the box, took a photo and announced to my friends-list that all of my customers’ orders were here and ready…with an accompanying white-lie caption.

(Source: Pintrest) Example of typical hun order day…!

“Thank you to all of you who placed an order with me!  As you can see, there’s lots to sort through – I will get your items to you as soon as possible!!  Thank you for supporting my little business venture! ❤ “

[Elle’s note: Yes, I did actually type that.  Yes, I would like to give myself a hefty kick for that too.]

The Butterflies were on hand to “like” and comment in their usual fashion.

Scarlett also had some stellar tips and tricks to keep up the momentum, and allude to the success of our businesses.

“Now, girls, I need you to keep people’s interest up.  At some point, you should all post a status about how your inbox is blowing up with enquiries!! ❤  Also, another one saying how busy you’ve been, and how you’ll get back to all your inboxes when you’ve had a chance to breathe! ❤ ❤ “

“Even if we haven’t had any messages? :/ ” asked Kerri.

“Yes, hun! ❤ ” replied Scarlett.  “Fake it til you make it!  You want your doubters to see that you’re being successful in your business – remember, someone is ALWAYS watching and paying attention to what you’re doing! 🙂 “


Kerri immediately got on the case, with a status eeeking about how her inbox was exploding.  I didn’t want to, so I resisted Scarlett’s instructions yet again, much to her annoyance.



About a day or so later, I was able to give Pip her mascara.  I ensured that she was given strict instructions on receipt of her order – namely, taking a before and after photo of herself using and posing with the product – Scarlett’s idea of course.

“Of course, Elle!” said Pip.  “I’ll give it a go and let you know how I get on!”

I’d also received an actual enquiry!  An acquaintance of mine, named Trinity, had seen my business posts and had her interest piqued.  I’ll be honest, I was chuffed and feeling quite the boss babe!  It was only right that I informed the Butterflies of this momentous event.

Scarlett was thrilled.

“EEEEEKKKKK!!! ❤ ❤ ❤ ” she proclaimed.  “That’s AMAAAAZING, babes!!  See, all you need to do is fake it til you make it!! 😀 ❤ “

Admittedly, I was quite chuffed that her advice had lured in some interest.

“Trinity wants me to pop round tomorrow with my kit so she can take a look,” I said.  “From what I know of her, she’s a fan of the finer things in life.  Any tips or advice?”

“Be confident, babes! ❤ Believe in the products, let her see your passion, and she’ll believe in them too! 😉 ” offered Kerri.

“Yes, and put your professional businesswoman head on, hun!” said Scarlett.  “Dress smart, think smart and dream, believe, achieve! ❤ “

“I can’t offer much advice as I haven’t really done any face-to-face stuff, 😦 ” said Harriet.  “But you’ve got this, babes.  Sure you’ll SMASH it! ❤ ❤ ❤ “


Well, that was my helpful and informative pep-talk over and done with.

The conversation then moved on to Kerri, who was excitedly getting ready for her stall at a local business event.  She remained optimistic after her party fiasco with a Juice Plus rep (see Chapter 8), and she still had all the banners and props to jazz up her display table.  All her stock was ready, her makeup was primed…but the purple tracksuit had been retired.


Instead, she was sporting a completely new hoodie design, encouraging people to ask her about her 3D+ mascara.  Hopefully this would be a her good luck charm.

“Right girls,” typed Kerri.  “I’m about to load my car up and get on the road – its going to be an hour’s drive, so I’ll message you a picture of my stall when I’m all set-up!  EEEEKKK, so excited!! ❤ ❤ 🙂 “

And off she went.

That left Scarlett to interrogate the remainder of us over the “7 Essential Daily Posts” that she had tasked us with.  This was initially mentioned in Chapter 8, but here is a reminder image.


“Girls, I have a bone to pick with you all.  Kerri is off the hook as she’s working her butt off by doing this stall today.  The rest of you have some explaining to do, though… :/

What on earth did she mean?

“I’m super disappointed, huns.  I’ve been setting you tasks such as the ‘7 Essential Daily Posts’ on your Facebook profiles, but I am not seeing any of this!  Not even an inspirational quote! 😦 “

That’s because I didn’t want to use my profile to post inspiring quotes.  They kinda annoyed me.  As for posting seven different things a day, it just seemed a bit…futile?

“Elle, I don’t have to keep reminding you about your attitude, do I? :/ ” said Scarlett.  “Time and time again – how do you expect to succeed if you’re not going to take this seriously?”

“I am taking it seriously, I just don’t want to do such a mad influx of posts like that!” I protested.

“Me too, actually,” piped up Harriet.  “My brother has started to take the piss out of me for all my inspirational quote posts, and its making me uncomfortable now. 😦 “

“Hmm.  Girls, you really need to learn to ignore your haters, and stop your negative thoughts. :/ But, perhaps we can build you all up with a compromise? :/ ” offered Scarlett.

The compromise was, to think of five of our Facebook friends who were already on our friends-list.  They had to be people who we think would be great for the opportunity (i.e. the ones who love makeup and are always posting selfies).  The aim would be to ensure we ‘liked’ and commented on all of their posts over the next week – that way, we would in-turn appear in THEIR newsfeed.  They would thus be seeing our posts about our businesses, and this should get them nice and interested.

Scarlett said we should be also be posting images like the below to further lure them in…


“Once you’ve mastered networking with your existing friends-list, you need to be making new friends. 🙂 Camilla has tasked her downlines, myself included, to be adding FIVE new friends a day.  Then, you can ‘like’ and comment on their posts and get them interested in the opportunity too! 🙂 ” Scarlett continued.  “Do you see how simple this is, babes?? ❤ ❤ ” 

I was never one for adding random people on Facebook, so I didn’t really approve of that suggestion much.  What Scarlett didn’t know wouldn’t hurt her though.  Harriet was a bit more receptive, as she seemed to hang off Scarlett’s every word.

“I’ll get on it, babe!  REEEEEALLY determined to make my business work, especially after my latest sale, EEEEKKKK!! ❤ “

“Fantastic, hun – you’ve got this! 🙂 ” said Scarlett.  “Elle – please make the effort, and maybe it will actually pay off when you visit Trinity.”

Okay, okay – I told myself I’d make the effort.


Approximately an hour later, Kerri popped up in the chat.  We were expecting to see photos of her setting up her stall, but instead we saw another frustrated tirade.

“I’ve arrived at the venue, but I am ABSOLUTELY FUMING! I seriously can’t believe this!!!! 😡 😡 😡 ” she raged.

The Butterflies flapped to attention.

“OMG, what’s happened hun?? ❤ < 3 ”

“Is everything okay, babes?? 😥

“PM me hun, if you don’t want to talk about it here!! ❤

So, why was Kerri so angry?  Had she turned up on the wrong day, or wrong time?  Or, perhaps she had gone to the wrong venue?

Well, we’ll find out in Chapter 11.  

We’ll also find out how Pip got on with her mascara, and my eventful visit to show Trinity my makeup wares.  Maybe my step-sister Danielle will text me back?

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  1. Hi this is literally the best thing I have read in YEARS. I have no sat this glued to a story since my early 20s. You have some serious writing talent. One thing, I want to follow you on facebook but the facebook link doesn’t work. Just says “can’t display this content”.

    Anothing thing…Do they actually type “EEEEEK” or is it dramatization? I honestly can’t tell haha

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    • Hey! Thank you for your kind words. My Facebook page unfortunately got taken down due to a mass-reporting by the #stoptheyouniquebullyingcrowd. 🙄 I have a backup page though, search for Elle Beau Emergency Shelter. 👍🏻

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  2. Did she just say ‘revered’ life coach? Ignore the haters, AKA your family? Eeeek Babes,I can’t believe you lasted as long as you did.


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