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Ladies and manhuns of Facebook, we need your input!  Or, just your observations will do. 😉

Some of my anti-MLM writer friends have set up a group named Juice Plus / MLM Lies Exposed.  The group is still in initially young stages, but would like to build up a community that allows members to present views from BOTH sides of the coin.  Yes, you read that right – MLM reps are welcome to join and give their thoughts too.

The group description is as follows:

This is a group for critical discussion about Juice Plus and other MLMs. This includes false medical claims, making false claims of earnings and other claims such as making false statements regarding the job in order to entice people.

We will not tolerate ANY kind of personal attacks on specific MLM distributors and all screenshots will not include personal details. You are welcome to attack any statement that an MLM rep makes, just not attack them as a person.

This group is called “Lies exposed” for the single purpose of exposing obvious lies. The lies come in all forms and we consider them harmful. I have spoken to many people who felt tricked by their upline and their results came nowhere near expectation. They also claim it is sometimes awkward to try and leave because of social pressures.

We simply can’t accept the idea that Juice Plus is the cure for everything and that everyone needs to take it. We can’t keep allowing unqualified Juice Plus reps to hand out medical advice that could steer people away from the correct treatment.

We can’t allow (mostly) young women to be targeted with all these promises that their dreams will come true. All with Juice Plus. Juice Plus is simply not a popular enough product for all these hundreds of reps to achieve 5 figure months. The market is already flooded with reps but each rep is desperate to recruit more. For each rep that joins, the job of selling to new customers becomes even harder. Reps are therefore unable to make the big money that have been promised if they just “Try hard enough”.

There needs to be a place where these false claims are examined so that people are able to make an informed decision about joining Juice Plus, rather than ONLY hearing what Juice Plus reps have to say. Reps are obviously going to say it’s incredible because they want to recruit.

Join the discussion below.

mlm lies exposed



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