Recommended Reading

Recommended Reading


My own collaboration effort, founded by me and the following Anti-MLM writers with the intention of being a global resource page:

  • Bot Watch– the detail, knowledge and care that goes into Bot Watch’s observations is remarkable.  I cannot recommend their advice enough – please give them a read.
  • Red Corvette – Anti multi-level marketing (MLM) activist. Ex-SeneGence (LipSense). “The truth will set you free, but first it will piss you off.” 
  • Crownless Princesses – Real ex-SeneGence distributors with real stories – they are on a mission to help people make good decisions, and avoid the traps they fell into.
  • Emma the Naked Typist – Joining forces with anyone who hates false health claims, cult-like organisations & pyramid schemes. Emma can often be found on Twitter, calling out bad MLM behaviour.
  • Our fantastic guest writers and contributors – Without them, we won’t have a dedicated resource point for MLMs!

Anti-MLM individuals/organisations of significance

There are many other groups and individuals fighting to reveal the truth about scams, dishonest individuals, and multi-level marketing companies (aka trussed-up pyramid schemes).  They too are writing informative blogs, revealing the truth and lies told by these #hunbots.

Here are some that you should check out:

  • Chris Pert – Chris loves science, nature and music. He is also a dedicated runner, joggler and unicyclist! As @VeganRunCrew founder, he wishes to provide an anti-MLM voice for the vegan community.
  • MLM Police – Smart, sassy ex-Younique presenter. MLM Police takes a no-holds-barred approach when it comes to calling out MLM nonsense.
  • Ethan Vanderbuilt The Internet’s Most Trusted Scam Buster, long-established Ethan speaks out because scams hurt people.  Through his informative website, he offers his opinions on various companies including the MLMs we know and love. 
  • Sounds Like MLM But OK – a USA-based Facebook group with the intention of being a solace to discuss and learn about MLMs, and occasionally vent about the #bossbabes in our lives. Run by a team of dedicated Anti-MLMers, they don’t want to see personal attacks on individuals, just a breaking down of the lies.
  • Juice Plus / MLM Lies Exposed – a UK-based Facebook group with the intention to encourage critical discussions of MLMs, run by John Evans.  No personal attacks on individuals, just breaking down the lies.
  • Maz Carrah – A fellow former-Pooniquer, compelled to begin her own blog after reading my tale and contacting me.
  • Timeless Vie – Intelligent and witty, Timeless Vie believe that MLM is a feminist issue.  Check out their parody MLM, #skinnylard!
  • MLM Exposed – UK-based author, saying a resounding no to MLM schemes!
  • Pink Truth – Facts, opinions and the real story behind Mary Kay Cosmetics.

For something other than full-blown anti-MLM writing

  • @yourolly My first Patron, and a recommended partner-blog.
  • Out-of-Doug Experience – Another fantastic Patron, @doug_hanke enjoys making things and solving problems.
  • Bad Psychics – Award Winning, As Seen On TV – Exposing Fake Psychics, Mediums and the Paranormal Since 2003.
  • Jon Donnis Best known for his social commentating writing and websites, Greek-Cypriot Jon is also a world renowned Journalist, Atheist, Vegan, Blogger, Photographer, Refugee, Legend.
  • Chammy In Real Life – Chammy is a former Younique presenter and Juice Plus sampler, who I was fortunate enough to connect with on Twitter.  She is a Yorkshire-bred mother, wife, gamer and blogger who has some wonderful lifestyle posts that all can enjoy.

Anyone I’ve missed? PM me huns. 😉 ❤