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Ah, hello there.  Thank you for stopping by.  My name is…well, just call me Elle Beau (elbow, geddit?).

This little blog will be to anonymously share my experiences of a tetchy subject – something that may create a backlash, outrage, flounces…you name it.  Yes, its multi-level marketing, aka MLMs, aka network marketing/direct selling aka trussed-up pyramid schemes.

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If my writing can help at least one person from making the mistakes I did, then I’ll be happy with that.  My main focus on this blog is speaking out against my time spent as a Younique presenter…or #Poonique, as I like to call them.  However, all MLMs will get their turn with the Anti-MLM Coalition – I have formed a blogger alliance with other anti-MLM writers, please check us out.


You may consider me an “anonymouse”, but there are some things I don’t wish to put my name to.  Especially when you can incite an internet lynch-mob of crazy MLM bots.  I don’t think my good ol’ mental health is best equipped to deal with that.

Elle x

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