You Can’t Keep a Good Anti-MLMer Down – MLM Police Returns

MLM Police Returns

Back in July 2018, I was gutted to report that my outspoken ally and partner-in-crime, MLM Police, had hung up her hat. Fervent followers of the anti-MLM movement noticed that her blog and social media accounts had disappeared, and wondered what was going on.

Unfortunately, having receiving a cease and desist from the Younique Foundation and many weeks of online threats and harassment from pro-MLMers, MLM Police decided to withdraw her persona in June 2018, for the sake of her health and wellbeing. 

However, earlier this week (September 2018) she announced her return via her new Instagram page. Ecstatic to see my old friend back in action, I had a chat with her about how the past few months have been.

MLM Police Instagram Post
MLM Police on Instagram

“I came back because honestly I couldn’t stay away,” she explains in her familiar, sassy tone. “I’m damn fucking good at what I do, and the anti-MLM world needs a hero.”

It goes without saying that, despite her confident persona, the cease and desist from the Younique Foundation shook her to her core.

“The [cease & desist] had a huge impact on my mental health, that coupled with the death threats and harassment I had received. I knew I needed to step away either temporary or permanently; I wasn’t sure at the time. All I knew was I needed to take care of myself.”

And that was exactly what MLM Police did. She took some time out, and when she felt strong enough, she decided that she wasn’t going to let the corporate fat cats of Younique intimidate her. She is keen to urge other anti-MLMers to not be deterred by her own experience.

“Don’t let my experience scare you away from joining the fight; I am very outspoken and really stirred up a whole lot of shit. I have my own style; find your style and join us on this journey. Because there is strength in numbers, and I will always have your back.”

Besides stirring up Younique-shaped hornet nests, MLM Police told me she has some exciting plans in the making, including a project with some of her fellow American anti-MLMers.

“I’m working on a big project with Mombie (@MLMombie), Informed is Key (@informediskey), Roberta Blevins (@mommylikewhoa) and Zach Parker (@someguywcancer) to name but a few. Keep watching and follow us for updates!”

Our allies Mombie and Informed is Key can often be found sharing their wisdom and knowledge on Twitter and Instagram. Keen-eyed readers may recognise Zach Parker as the charismatic former co-host of the mighty Sounds Like MLM But OK podcast. Roberta Blevins is a former LuLaRoe seller turned anti-MLMer, with a fantastic social media following. I will be very interested to see what these guys will come up with!

As a final thought, MLM Police also has a message for her friends at Younique

“My message to #Poonique is simple; I know you sent the death threats and harassment my way, but I forgive you. Let’s put this behind us and look forward, shall we? If you follow the laws and regulations then I would have a lot less to say.”

Consider yourselves told.

Welcome back, my friend.

MLM Police can be found via @mlmpolice on Instagram, @mlmpolice_2 on Twitter and MLM Police 2.0 on Facebook. Her new website is currently under construction.


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