So Long & Farewell, MLM Police

Adios MLM Police

Just a quick update. A few of you have messaged my various social media profiles asking what became of my partner-in-crime, MLM Police. Fervent followers of the anti-MLM movement have noticed that her blog and social media accounts have disappeared, and wondered what was going on.

Unfortunately, having receiving a cease and desist from the Younique Foundation and many weeks of online threats and harassment from pro-MLMers, MLM Police decided to withdraw this persona in June 2018, for the sake of her health and wellbeing. 

She said she was first inspired by my #Poonique saga, when she first dropped me a line to share her own experiences as a former Younique presenter. She lent her sword to the cause for many months, with an outspoken, passionate and blunt style.

She is doing fine, and is safe and well – but, after receiving a bombardment of very unnerving abuse from internet trolls, she feels that it is best to take herself away from the front-line. Younique certainly haven’t defeated her, but naturally she has to put her own personal safety first above all else. She will continue to support the work of the anti-MLM movement from afar, and thanks everyone who supported her blog.

Damn, I’m certainly going to miss her.

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  1. I am so sorry that we’ve lost such an upbeat and outspoken member of the team. She pressed me for more posts, and now that life is calming down a bit ill be getting onto those, I’m sure you’re still reading MLMPolice, I’ll be posting my next one just for you ❤

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  2. I hear about this stuff and I think about the VERY close association these MLM scams have with a particular flavor of Christianity in my country (America). Both groups share a shocking number of characteristics and tactics. I’m not even half surprised that the tribe jumped on her with both feet. I’d freshly deconverted when a Christian tried to recruit me into Scamway–and seeing those similarities really drove a lot of points home for me and helped me solidify the decision to leave my onetime tribe. It’s a big part of why I never formally joined up with Scamway too. And it seems to me that the habit these religious people have of retaliating so over-the-top viciously against all challengers and critics is bleeding into their faux-business dealings; it’s just part of the reason why that religion’s falling apart at the seams here, and I hope it becomes a serious problem for the image of MLMs themselves too in time.

    If I might gently suggest in a general way to those thinking of joining either group, look how they treat critics (both inside and outside the group) and apostates. That’s how they’ll treat you in a heartbeat if you end up doing either of these things. Their “love” is conditional, completely, upon their members staying in lockstep and following orders.

    I realize that a great many Christians aren’t like that, of course; it just seems like one particular type ends up glomming onto MLMs, and it’s the same type that also thinks vicious retaliation is a great way to respond to challenges and criticism.

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