Reblogged: Leaving #Poonique

Another former independent Younique presenter shares the reasons of why she decided to leave. Say no more. 😉 Good on you for coming forward. ❤

Kye Bloggs

You may have seen recently that I started selling Younique, and haven’t mentioned it again since… and that’s partly due to come across some anti-MLM bloggers (I’m looking at you ElleBeau!) and then I decided to do some research into it all myself.

Let’s start at the beginning…

I’m not actually sure how I got suckered in. Or how I even ended up having my upline on my friends list. But I did somehow, and I kept seeing her posts selfies and the like. I had used some Younique things before, and my friend who was never a presenter recommended a few things to me. So, instead of paying someone else, I signed up myself. I looked at it like I was getting a discount as opposed to actually wanting to sell. So I signed up with the girl on my Facebook (let’s call her Meg) and she did the…

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  1. When you click on the link for the full article, you are directed to a message advising the content has been deleted. Is there any other way to access the article? Many thanks 😊


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