Younique News Bulletin – Anti-MLM Blogger receives “Cease & Desist” Letter

We’re all about keeping you updated with the world of the #AntiMLMmovement here. In the last week, a popular anti-MLM blogger has received a cease and desist letter relating to our friends at The Younique Foundation.  All information below is relayed with their permission.

MLM Police Cease & Desist

Here we have it:

“…Cease and Desist from Defamation and No Trespassing Letter relating to The Younique Foundation…”

MLM Police C&D
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“…It has come to our attention that you are responsible for making libelous statements about the Foundation. We are writing to demand that you cease and desist from making any further libelous statements about the Foundation…”

“…The Foundation takes its service, mission, activities, business and reputation very seriously, and will take all necessary and appropriate steps to prevent any malicious defamation from interfering with its core purpose…”


Who received this letter?


My friend and fellow ex-Pooniquer, MLM Police (formerly known as ApportionedMembrane). She is based in the USA, and was encouraged to take up the anti-MLM mantle after reading my #Poonique tale. We have kept in regular touch – as a survivor of childhood sexual abuse, she tells me she is “incensed by the statements I’ve seen by Younique presenters praising this bullshit excuse of a charity.”


What will MLM Police do Next?

MLM Police was quite taken aback to receive this letter, especially because in all of her articles she is merely stating her own opinion – which is all we can do, as anti-MLM writers!

The main thing is, MLM Police will not let this sway her. The #AntiMLMmovement is here to provide help and support to those affected by this bullshit industry, and that is what we will keep doing.

Although MLM Police needs to refrain from saying too much at the moment, she assures us that she has sought legal advice. For those who wish to keep up to date with any news on this cease and desist, she will do her utmost to keep her social media followers informed. Please note, that at the time of going to press, she has had to restrict the content of some of her social media accounts.

What is The Younique Foundation?

For those not familiar with this organisation, let me give you a quick background overview. The Younique Foundation was founded in December 2014 by Derek and Shelaine Maxfield, according to their website. It runs a 4-day retreat known as The Haven Retreat.  It takes groups of 8-12 female survivors of childhood abuse on a ranch in Utah, USA, where they do group activities, yoga, therapy sessions etc. Attending the retreat itself is ‘free’, but the survivors have to pay for their own travel costs to get there, wherever they are in the world.

the haven retreat
The Haven Retreat [source:
In 2017, anti-MLM writer Maz Carrah collaborated with me in our article The Younique Foundation – Charity or Travesty? Here, you can take a look at Maz’s breakdown of the 2016 donation figures etc, for further details.

MLM Police came across our article during her research of the Foundation – at the time, she genuinely believed the presenter-hype, and was actually considering attending herself. When she looked into things further, she had more questions than answers.

What Does MLM Police Think About the Retreat?

Naturally, the more the anti-MLM writers had to say about the Younique Foundation, the more people with counter-opinions wanted to come forward. When I published “I applied to attend the Younique Foundation retreat…I really wish I didn’t” (an anonymous interview with a lady called Albie), MLM Police was incensed by the number of comments seemingly victim-blaming, and forgetting the fact that Albie was an abuse survivor. As writers, we agreed that if someone wished to provide an honest interview about why they loved the Retreat, we would listen.

That’s when a lady called Paige came forward. She said she was an attendee of the Retreat, and agreed to do a Q&A with MLM Police. You can read about it in “An Interview with Paige; a Younique Foundation Retreat Attendee

However, the more MLM Police read back over Paige‘s interview, the more she realised that her questions remained unanswered. So, she used her blog to express her opinions on the matter. 

The Gloves Are Off

In “I Can’t NOT Express My Opinion, Sorry, Not Sorry. Part OneMLM Police shares her thoughts on the application process for attendees, including the role of their “Intake Coordinators” and what she perceives as “…inexperienced, uneducated, likely not very familiar with medical diagnoses, or prescription drugs. But he/she has your very private application right in front of them ready to judge I mean evaluate you to see if you’re “qualified” to attend the Haven Retreat...”

Still incensed, she continued her questioning in “I Can’t NOT Express My Opinion, Sorry, Not Sorry. Part Two“, including the secretive nature of the Retreat’s Utah location, and a ‘Business Entity Search’ on an abundance of companies associated with the name “Derek P. Maxfield”.

Finally, she donned her hardcore detective hat in “To Be Continued…” – take a look, and read all about her findings on Hobble Creek Lodge, and her deeper research on Maxfield’s associated companies.


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