My Coffee Shop Chat that Became a Younique Recruitment Attempt

The Anti-MLM Coalition

EmmaGreetings all. My name is Emma – you may already know me as the “Naked Typist.” I can usually be seen anti-MLMing on Twitter as @MLMshyster, but I thought it was about time I officially wrote something for the coalition, about my recent coffee shop catch-up with a friend.

Before I begin, what brought me here? Well, my interest in multi-level marketing (MLM) started when I was approached by a ‘Mindset Coach’ to ask whether I would like to join her coaching business and “use my training as a psychotherapist“. How? In her words, “to influence potential MLM reps to sign up” and to pass on any clients I had in private practice who “may be malleable and easily persuaded” that Arbonne could “raise their self esteem“.

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