The MLM Master List

The Anti-MLM Coalition

Elle-small[Elle:] The good folks behind popular Facebook group “Sounds Like MLM But OK” are on a mission. Joining forces with new writer Freja Dahl (The Truth About MLMs), group admins Allison Watson, Katie Young and Elizabeth Finn have created The MLM Master List. They have kindly given us permission to display the list here, with a view to updating regularly.

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  1. Rethink the group you get involved with. That groups admins are unfair and don’t follow their own rules. They disrespect their members and block if they don’t like someone. There is another group of the same name with much better admins.


    • I totally agree, I left that group after a couple weeks because they would never approve my posts (they’re repetitive and uninteresting) but its okay to have literally thousands of posts mocking people’s taste in make up, displaying blow job-proof makeup, etc…that’s pretty uninteresting and repetitive to me, but…well, if that’s how they feel about my (and others’) posts, then bye!!


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