“Scarlett” Launches Kapow Cosmetics

My long-time followers will know that after I had finished telling my #Poonique tale, I reached out to my former Pink Status upline “Scarlett” and talked things over. Some of you will also remember her interview with me, under her real identity, Jade. Turns out she’s been busy over the past few months, and would like to update you all about it. 

Scarlett-Jade 03
[Source:] Jade Pow MUA
Back when we were both Younique presenters, Jade said she was “CEO of her own life” and considered it her “business” (in fairness, we can thank our silly uplines for that sentiment). However, she’s been working on that.

After Jade left Younique in 2016, she became a qualified Make-Up Artist (as Jade Pow MUA). However, she’s decided to take a step further in 2018, launching her own small indie brand, Kapow Cosmetics.


Uplift, Empower & Validate? Pfft.

Every woman should feel happy, confident and badass,” explains Jade. “As a makeup artist, I often come across women who want to change their appearance in order to fit in to the ‘standards’ of our society…FUCK THAT!

Even better, unlike a certain company we know and love (to hate): “every product we offer is handmade, vegan and cruelty-free whilst still remaining purse friendly.

[Source:] Kapow Cosmetics
Jade’s faux mink lashes are poly fibre (which give the effect of mink lashes, without the use of animal furs), thus, making them 100% cruelty-free. For any further product information, Jade has set up a dedicated FAQ page or can be contacted via customercare@kapowcosmetics.co.uk.

Being a MUA herself, Jade has also got her fellow pros covered: “I know how incredibly frustrating it is paying full price for multiple sets of luxury lashes at a time, so we of course have a Pro Discount scheme!”

To apply, email admin@kapowcosmetics.co.uk with any 2 of the following pieces of evidence stipulated in the FAQ.

[Source:] Kapow Cosmetics
To keep in touch and follow Jade’s progress (including new launches and sales) follow Kapow Cosmetics on Facebook and Instagram. Or, drop her an email via jadexmua@gmail.com.

Jade, I wish you all the best with your new venture. Younique presenters, take heed – THIS is a good example of what a small business actually is!




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