Reblogged: Interview with Paige; a Younique Foundation Retreat Attendee

bitmoji3367023427602453055[Elle:] Ah, the Younique Foundation – a topic that has stirred quite the hornet’s nest. First, I teamed up with Maz Carrah, producing two articles that deconstructed the wild claims that presenters like to make about funding and what it actually does. To recap, check out Charity or Travesty and the Rose Gold Kudos follow-up.

Eventually, I was contacted by a sexual abuse survivor named Albie. She had applied to attend the Haven Retreat in Utah, and found the ‘interview process’ cold, clinical and unnerving – she asked if she could anonymously share her account with me. Thus stirred the hornets – some descended upon Albie’s post, in their dogged determination to defend the Retreat. They seemed to disregard what she had actually been through.

Others fortunately praised Albie’s resilience and bravery, for coming forward and speaking out. This struck a chord with my Y-Spy MLM Police (originally known as ApportionedMembrane), who despises this so-called charity with a passion.

Keen to consider both sides of the coin, we both welcomed the viewpoint of anyone who was willing to provide a valid counter-opinion. That’s where Paige came in.

Paige lives in the USA and had attended the Foundation, kindly agreeing to speak with ApportionedMembrane about her time there.

She wishes it to be known:

” I’m not a Younique presenter, or in anyway affiliated with the makeup. I just heard about and attended the Retreat, because I felt like I could use some support in healing from abuse”.


Read ApportionedMembrane’s detailed interview with Paige here:

An Interview with Paige; a Sexual Abuse Survivor Who Attended the Younique Foundation Haven Retreat

the haven retreat
The Haven Retreat [source:]
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