Reader Opinion – The Younique Convention Isn’t Worth a Wotsit.

cropped-elle-beau[Elle:] My follower Rosa [not her real name] has an avid Younique presenter on her Facebook friends-list. Most of the time she can ignore this woman, but the more anti-MLM information Rosa reads, the harder she finds it to bite her tongue. In this short opinion piece, she questions the claim that Younique is “the fastest growing cosmetics company in the whole world!”

Before reading Rosa’s piece, please remind yourself of my mission statement here.  In a nutshell, all views presented in this blog are ours, and ours only.  Your own personal experiences with MLM companies may differ, negatively or positively.  All names and identifying features have been changed to protect the individuals concerned – this is Rosa’s personal opinion of the Younique Convention.

Over to you, Rosa.

Bot Watch[Rosa:] I have no personal experience of MLMs, but decided to do a bit of research once Younique began constantly popping up on my newsfeed. That’s how I found the work of the Anti-MLM writers, and developed a bit of an interest. Thus commences my opinion piece:

“Eeeeeeekkkkk!!” exclaims my resident bot. “Younique is the fastest growing cosmetics company in the whole wide world!!!!! Look at this!”

A link to a September 2016 article by accompanies her excited declaration: “UV50 Fastest-Growing Companies: No. 1 Younique” 

So, is it the “fastest growing cosmetics company in the whole wide world?” Not quite – it’s the fastest-growing cosmetics company in Utah, but who’s splitting hairs, eh?

How big is big though? According to this article, 500,00 eyelash-batting presenters and 500 employees. Compared to Avon’s 6m reps and 40,000 employees [source: New Avon CEO Vows To Restore The 126-Year-Old Beauty Company to Former Glory –] they still have some way to go, but if their 192,737% growth over the past three years (in Utah) is to go by, world domination can’t be too far away, right?

cropped-elle-beau[Elle:] At the time of your opinion piece going to press (25th December 2017) it would transpire that Younique is now “906,000+ strong” (according to their leaderboard)!

Total Presenters Worldwide
Bot Watch[Rosa:] Okay, in that case, Derek Maxfield, Younique co-founder, loves his 906,000 presenters, he really does. So much so in fact, that he’s arranged it so that they get paid a few hours after they’ve made a transaction so they can “go buy gas or diapers”.

Gee, thanks Derek, they might even have enough to stretch to a packet of Wotsits if it’s been a really good day.

[Source:] Wikipedia
In fact, Derek loves his presenters so much that he puts on an annual convention for them. That’s right! You can go and get training, get validated, empowered and uplifted over two days, and buy lots of lovely branded merchandise from the ‘Younique Boutique’. There’s even a ball on the final night!

[Source:] – Convention 2016
And do you know what’s the most Eeeeek about this? You don’t even have to be a high Presenter Status, or sell a certain value of products – you can just go! That’s right, you can literally just go…as long as you pay $200. And your airfare. And your hotel. And all your food.

According to the article, Derek says “…Thousands of presenters paid their own airfare and $200 to attend our convention this year…”, like that’s a good thing.

Actually it is a good thing, for Derek. Why? Because even if only 10,000 of his 500,000 presenters attend the convention, he’s just raked in $2m. And he doesn’t even need to feed them. Actually, I tell a slight lie – if they attend the ball at 2018’s convention in San Antonio, TX they’ll get served “light desserts and non-alcoholic beverages”. So generous, Derek.

There are going to be 59 speakers in 2018. That’s a lot of speakers. In fact, that’s 58 Exclusive Black Status presenters and some bloke from ‘compliance’. Well done Derek, you’ve saved a small fortune in speaker’s fees.

[Source:] #tothetop2015 – YouTube
But, there are awards! You might win an award! You’ll only find out though if you attend because if you don’t, you won’t qualify for it. Maybe think of that $200 as an insurance policy, then.

So you’ve paid your airfare, your hotel, your food, quite possibly childcare – what else can you expect from this two-day jamboree? Well not much really, because if you want to attend the ‘break-out classes’ then it’s actually going to cost you £300 for your convention ticket. If you want to attend the VIP sessions, you’ll need to be a top-tier Purple or Black presenter.

Still, there’s always the Younique Boutique, so remember to wear those $35 jogging bottoms with pride as you hop in that plane back home.

Well, that’s my thoughts on the Younique Convention. Thanks Elle, for giving me a platform to air my grievances!

cropped-elle-beau[Elle:] No problem, Rosa – thank you for sharing.  If any of you have a MLM experience or opinion you would like to share with the Anti-MLM Coalition or myself, feel free to drop me a line below.  Your anonymity is always guaranteed. 

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  1. this is the most uninformed opinion piece ever. Most companies that offers product training through conventions charge you to attend, hairdressing conventions, mlm conventions, tech fields, etc… This is not something sneaky younique does. It is also a tax write off since it’s a business trip. There are key note speakers presenting, not just black status leaders, Eric Worre being one of them which people usually pay hundreds to go see directly. Trying to feed 10,000 people with a dinner is pretty unheard of so it’s not a shocker that they aren’t providing meals, again, they are tax write offs. They give the presenters almost the equivalent value in free product that you pay for your convention ticket, so you can go ahead and sell those brand new products if you want and make your money back very simply. And the company is world wide in almost 13 countries, not just in Utah, so yeah, it’s growing pretty damn fast if it’s taken Avon 60 years to reach 6 million and younique only 5 to have over 1 million presenters. maybe fact check next time before trying to make a great company come across as cheap.

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