The Anti-MLM Coalition is Here

I am pleased to announce the launch of, our resource page for all things anti-MLM. We’re also on Facebook and Twitter!


When I started writing my own blog back in March 2017, I made some fantastic contacts including Bot Watch, Red Corvette, Emma the Naked Typist, Uzzies Uncensored & Amber, and now the Crownless Princesses.

We are all united in a common goal, and have decided to pool our knowledge. Thus, we have created a global place of support, advice and general counter-information on the MLM scourge.

We will still continue to work on our own blogs (me with all things #Poonique), but you will also see me contribute to our new resource website too.

Fancy being a part of the #antiMLMmovement? Consider becoming a guest writer, or take a look at other ways you can help.



  1. I would love to see you write about LulaRoe. They’ve had thousands leave and it appears to be imploding like most pyramid / MLM schemes. There is a great group on Facebook to reach out to many consultants who have left. LulaRoe currently has over 20 lawsuits.
    Email if you’d like the group name.

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