“I applied to attend the Younique Foundation retreat…I really wish I didn’t.”

One of Elle’s Y-spies applied to attend the Younique Foundation’s Haven Retreat, before she realised what a sham of a charity it really is. Read about her ‘assessment’ process with one of their so-called clinicians.

Last night, I had a conversation with one of my Y-spies that left me with significant food for thought. She is relatively new to the anti-MLM movement – still an “active” Younique presenter, but with absolutely no intentions of carrying on.

In her first month of being a presenter, she applied to attend the Younique Foundation‘s “Haven Retreat” for childhood sexual abuse survivors. What she told me shook me to my core, and reaffirmed my views of this so-called sham (readCharity or Travesty? Let’s look at the facts…for my collaboration article with Maz Carrah).

My Y-spy spoke to me with such dignity and strength, that I felt so angry at how she was treated. Why do huns hero-worship this disgusting excuse for a charity? She has asked to remain anonymous throughout this piece, but her voice deserves to be heard loud and clear.

UPDATE: 7th Dec 17 – Since posting Albie’s opinion piece, I was met with an accusation that my blog will “discourage women from getting the healing that they deserve.” This statement is a ridiculous pile of steaming offal. I find it so ridiculous, that I have started a global directory of Genuine Charities for Sexual Abuse Survivors, showing alternative closer-to-home organisations in all countries where Younique operates. I am hoping my international followers will help me add information to this over time.

I will now hand over to “Albie“, and let her tell you her experience in her own words. 

[Albie:] Thanks, Elle.

Like Elle said above, a month after joining Younique (and before I discovered her #Poonique tale) I decided to apply to the Younique Foundation’s “Haven Retreat”. Why? I was sexually abused for about ten years of my childhood, by my stepdad.

Being abused had a huge impact on me, and still does – its going to stick with me for the rest of my life.

I never really had a childhood – I was in a constant fight-or-flight mode, 24/7. I don’t speak to my Mom because she knew about the sexual abuse going on, but just looked the other way.

I’ve been on psychiatric meds since I was 14 years old, and in therapy on-and-off for about the same amount of time. I have post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), agoraphobia, major depressive disorder (MDD), every kind of anxiety there is.

I am a constant work in progress, and will be for the rest of my life.

I still to this day am in fight-or-flight mode about 75% of the time, which causes me to never have any energy, or willingness to do anything.

So, I checked out the Younique Foundation’s website, and it seemed legit – it didn’t raise any red flags for me. Although…I always found it odd that Derek Maxfield (Younique co-founder) just basically picked sexual abuse as his charity, having never been sexually abused.

[Elle:] Sorry to cut in, Albie – in respect of your comment above, it is said that Derek’s sister and Younique co-founder, Melanie Huscroft, was unfortunately sexually abused as a young girl. I knew that this claim had been alluded to by uplines in Facebook groups (when I was a presenter), so I thought I’d take a look for further verification on this.

I found a Yellow Status presenter’s blog called Let’s Get FabuLASH (which hasn’t been updated since October 2015), that had this information:

Younique Foundation
[Source:] Let’s Get FabuLASH – Younique is more than JUST makeup and skin care!
“…You may not know, but Derek’s sister (our other Co-Founder, Melanie Huscroft) was sexually assaulted as a young girl, so this Foundation really means a lot to our Co-Founders…”

As mentioned in my “Charity or Travesty” collaboration article, the “charity” is founded by Derek and his wife Shelaine Maxfield, as seen in the Our Story section of the website.

derek shelaine
Derek & Shelaine Maxfield [source: defendinnocence.org]
[Albie:] Thanks for the info, Elle. I wonder, as a fellow survivor, why doesn’t Melanie play a bigger role in the foundation? She seems silenced in pretty much everything, but that’s a story  for another day.

Well, anyways – I decided to apply to attend the Younique Foundation’s Haven Retreat – according to their website, there are four steps. Let’s take a look at what they are:

Step 1 – Enter your online application request.  You will receive a confirmation page indicating that we have received your request. 

The first step in the application process is to submit a request for an application to apply to the Retreat. Hmm. I submitted my request, and anxiously waited.

the haven retreat
The Haven Retreat [source: http://youniquefoundation.org]
A week went by and I heard nothing. I decided to email them and asked what the status of my application was. They didn’t reply. Two days later, I decided to give them a call (I was already feeling pretty nervous about the whole thing). A lady answered:

Me: Hello, I submitted a request for an application over a week ago, and was wondering about the status of my request. I’m not sure how long it takes, but its been over a week.

YF-Lady: Oh, we usually email an application on the same day, but we’ve been pretty behind. Whats your name, I can pull up your request right now.

Me: My name is Albie O’Kayhun.

YF-Lady: Okay…I just sent you over an application now.

So, that took me to the next step:

Step 2 – Once we receive your request, we will send you a secure link to fill out the application form.  This application form will come via email within 3 business days, please look for the email no-reply@simplepractice.com. If you do not receive it within 3 business days, please notify us at participant@youniquefoundation.org.

I filled out the application; it asked things like….

What medications are you on?
Have you been diagnosed with mental disorders?

It asked other related questions, but as it was done via secure link, I can’t remember them in their entirety…its kinda fuzzy. 

Anyway, that took me to the next step.

Step 3 – After receiving the application, you may receive an email from The Younique Foundation staff to schedule a phone call appointment with one of our clinicians.

A few days later they called me to set up a date for a phone interview with one of their “clinicians”, and said it should take 15-30 minutes. They said they “were extremely booked up” and set my appointment for December (this year, 2017).

About a month later, and after some research, I decided something was definitely fishy about this charity, and after talking with my husband, he agreed with me. So, I emailed the Foundation telling them I wish to cancel, because I found some things out about the charity that I didn’t like.

They emailed me back saying:

Younique Foundation email

“…Thank you for your email regarding attending The Haven Retreat. We are sorry to learn you will not interested in attending The Haven Retreat at this time, but we understand. If you would like to reapply at a later date you are always welcome

At least I was off the hook, or so I thought. A month later, I got an email from the Younique Foundation reminding me of my phone appointment for tomorrow!
Apparently, they never cancelled my appointment. Shit, what should I do?

After some deliberation, I decided to just roll with the punches or whatever. I thought maybe I can get some Y-spy info out of them, in the hope it will help others. A few minutes later I was hit with this overwhelming panic attack.

I guess this was having a bigger impact on me then I realised. I took a
benzo (anxiety med) and fell asleep pretty early, around 7pm.

When I woke up, I was unsure if i was going to answer the Foundation’s call or not. I thought about it all morning, and kept going back and forth.

When my phone rang though, I decided to answer it. Here is how my conversation with “Doris” went:

: Hi, my name is Doris, and I’m going to be interviewing you today.

Me: Sure…


Doris: Okay, we’re gonna go over your application. Are you still on Adderall, propranolol, Cymbalta, Abilify, Lexapro, lamotrigine, Klonopin, or Wellbutrin?

Me: I’m not on propranolol anymore, i was on it for my essential tremor (ET), but my doctor switched me to a new medication called Primidone.

When Doris was reeling off the medications, she just couldn’t pronounce “propranolol”. I was sitting there, rolling my eyes thinking, “This bitch. Some ‘clinician’ she is, if she can’t even pronounce a medication that’s prescribed a lot for social anxiety. Is she even an actual licensed clinician??”

: Okay, Albie, I’m going to ask you some more questions.

I immediately noticed that Doris was asking me her questions in a very specific way. She was asking each question in a manner that almost seemed like she was trying to disqualify me from the Retreat!

My instinct kicked in – if i answered “yes” to just ONE question, I just knew she would disqualify me. So I thought, “I’ll play your damn game, betch…”

Betch Please

This is when things started to get interesting.

: In your application you mentioned that you get mood swings. When you have one of your mood swings, do you become manic?

Me: No, I do not become manic, nor have I ever been manic.


Doris: How do you act then? What do you do?

Me: When I have a mood swing, I’ll be having a ‘perfectly fine day’ or an ‘okay day’, and then I get one of my mood swings – my mood dips down, and I become depressed.


Doris: Do you have night terrors or nightmares? Because for 4 days/nights you’ll be sharing a room with one other person.

Me: I have nightmares.


Doris: How do you react? Do you get violent?

Me: No, I don’t get violent. I don’t usually wake up, I just recall them in the morning. When my nightmares do wake me up, I don’t really react, I just go back to sleep.


Doris: Do you ever disassociate? For example, others describe it as their brain leaving their body and watching things from outside your body. Others lose blocks of time. Others end up in the middle of Target having no idea how they got there. Others become violent and lash out. Does that happen to you?

Me: Yes I disassociate, it feels like my brain leaves my body, and I’m watching everything around me from the outside. I don’t end up in Target, or lose time, and I’ve never become violent.


Doris: How do you react then?

Me: It feels like my brain shuts down, and I cant do anything. I cant function in society, or carry on a conversation…I just shut down.


Doris: How do you handle it? How do you get yourself to come back from it?

Me: I shut down, and go someplace where I can be alone for a while. I don’t really get myself to ‘come back from it’, I just wait it out quietly.


Doris: When was the last time you had a disassociation episode?

Me: Probably about a year, as I’ve improved a lot in the past year. At Thanksgiving this year, for the first time in years, I didn’t disassociate or have a panic attack, it was a big deal.


Doris: Oh wow, that is great.

From the lack of warmth in her voice, Doris was totally being fake – she didn’t care at all.

: Are you currently suicidal?

: No, I’m on so many medications, there’s no way I ever could be (LOL)

: Have you ever been suicidal, tried to commit suicide, or been to a mental institution?

: No, no, and no.

Yes, you read that correctly – she used that extremely archaic and unpleasant term.

: How do you think you would do in a group setting? Because there will be at least 11 other ladies there.

: Well, I do have social anxiety disorder.

: And how would that cause you to act/react?

: I become withdrawn, but eventually warm up.

: Do you have any current health problems?

: no

: Do you drink or take drugs?

: No.

Doris then asked if I had any questions of my own, and said the intake team “would be in touch with me in a day or so“. She also said they are “booked through to June 2018, and are not yet booking people until July 2018“.

So, that would eventually take me to the final step of this application process…I was waiting for Doris’ ‘approval’:

Step 4
– Upon approval from the clinician, we will offer retreat dates to schedule. We are usually able to schedule you to attend The Haven Retreat within 180 days.

You know where they can shove their approval. I felt like I was being judged hardcore –  Doris did not come off as a caring, thoughtful clinician, like they’re supposed to be.

Every question she asked it felt like she was trying to disqualify me from the program.

I couldn’t believe what I had just experienced.

So what can I surmise from this? Basically, in order to attend the Haven Retreat, you need to be completely recovered, have no ‘issues’ whatsoever, and have never made a mistake in your past such as trying to commit suicide. You also cant wake up in the middle of the night from a nightmare crying.

What in the fucking fuck is this horse shit?

As long as you don’t have a single flaw, welcome to the Haven Retreat. Maybe it was just bad luck that someone like Doris phoned me, maybe there’s other survivors out there who had a more pleasant phonecall than I did. Either way, that was my experience, and it fucking stinks.

I follow a lot of anti-MLM instagram accounts, and saw
this review of the Younique Foundation recently posted by another Y-spy of Elle’s, ApportionedMembrane. It really resonated with me, after sending my thoughts to Elle… 

“…I know it is difficult to apply to this program and think something good might happen…I applied to the retreat thinking [..] I would find people who understand what I was going through. I was rejected because of being honest about my struggles. I felt I was judged on those labels unfairly. On paper, I look like a nightmare because of all the diagnosis and labels I have been given. I am so much more than these labels…I am still working to get out of the darkness sexual abuse has caused me…”

Those were the exact same vibes I was getting from Doris…she was judging my ‘labels’ too.
“…I was met with the same judgement I have found for most of my life when people are afraid of the real consequences of abuse. If you don’t present yourself like Oprah and have real struggles, this place is not for you…”

Its just shit. As Elle and Maz have pointed out, the funds this charity pulls in could be distributed to so many genuine organisations for sexual abuse survivors, across the world…but no, it ends up in this shit parade.

This was very emotionally taxing for me, for now, I need to rest. Thank you so much for taking the time to read this.

[Elle:] Albie, I would like to offer my sincere thanks to you, for sharing your experience. I know nothing can excuse these terrible things, and the way the ‘clinician’ deemed it appropriate to speak to you, but I hope that your words will offer help and hope to others in your position.

Stay strong.

Stay Strong


What’s next for Elle Beau?

On reflection, I do feel that I would like to rewrite my Poonique story into a proper novella – whether its an ebook, or if I find someone who would put me in print.  The main reason being, I missed out “the smaller stuff” for the purpose of keeping the reader interested and driving the tale forward.  When I wrote this blog, I wanted to mainly focus on the dodgy tactics I experienced, but on reflection I would like to talk more in-depth about everything I can remember.  

I would like to rewrite my tale with the spreadsheet as more of a prominent reference point – it will also help me recall things in chronological order (i.e. when certain monthly kudos were released, little paltry orders etc).  Mia is still lurking in some of the training groups, and is finding me screenshots to illustrate certain chapters.  So, as well as writing anti-MLM articles, I will be working on producing a full, comprehensive story in the interim.  I hope to set up a Kickstarter for this once I have an idea of costings.

If you like the anti-MLM aims I am working towards, please consider supporting me via Patreon.  Anything is gratefully received.

Stay subscribed for upcoming anti-MLM news and articles, and of course the ever-popular #ShitHunsSay screenshots.

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Please, also check out the good work of the people of Bot WatchJuice Plus/MLM Lies Exposed and Timeless Vie.  They work tirelessly to expose the truth and lies of the MLM industry, so anyone considering this line of work can make a fair, informed decision .  In fact, I now have a Recommended Reading page for Anti-MLM writers and interesting lifestyle bloggers I think you will enjoy, such as Chammy in Real Life and my first Patreon, @yourolly.

For something a little different to pyramid schemes, I would also recommend a look at what Bad Psychics are up to.  Award-winning and seen-on-TV, they have worked to expose false claims made by psychics, mediums and the paranormal since 2003.


Author: Anti-MLM Guest Writer

Tell your story as a guest writer for the anti-MLM coalition, and help spread the truth. Make sure there’s lots of evidence out there, for people researching into joining one of these schemes. Make sure that the truth outweighs the propaganda.

36 thoughts on ““I applied to attend the Younique Foundation retreat…I really wish I didn’t.””

  1. Okay, I can deal with their shitty sales pitches, the FB hawking and all that jazz somehow but this is just sickening! What is the point of a charity if not to help their target group???

    Liked by 2 people

      1. I feel so heartbroken they think it’s okay to do this to someone who is obviously traumatized. Please pass on my best wishes to Albie. Perhaps she should look into some of the legitimate charities out there for actual proper support. I do hope she can find the support she needs!

        Liked by 1 person

  2. So as a licensed therapist, I can tell you intake workers are typically not licensed….they are only there to ask the questions not exactly do anything like you were expecting. All questions seemed pretty standard for an intake screening process. It Sounds like you were resistant from the get go so it probably wasn’t the best treatment for you. Hope you found what you were looking for. Also, I’ve had a client go there and it did take 6 months….which I thought is understandable actually. They had a great experience and found it helpful in her healing process.


    1. I’d like to add that this “the brand is faultless, you must be doing it wrong” mindset is so typical of brainwashed mlmers, no sympathy for a woman who is obviously traumatised and further upset by her experiences, anyone who understands mental health will know she will already be endlessly picking fault at herself. Instead of taking the criticism on board, feeding it back to the “charity”, all you presenters want to do is slash and burn *any* opposition to the mythology of your precious brand. Even when it’s the vulnerable people you are supposed to be championing. Can you not see the hypocrisy in that, or is your climb up the greasy mlm pole that important to you, you’d rather blame an abuse victim for being upset?

      Liked by 2 people

    2. To second @labyrinthina, how disappointing to see that as a licensed therapist you have decided to brand Albie as “resistant from the get go”. As I have said to a comment further below, it took a lot for Albie to put her thoughts down. She usually gets in touch with me on a daily basis, but I haven’t heard from her today so no doubt this has all taken it out of her. Hopefully she will feel up to addressing all of your comments soon.


    3. “So as a licensed Therapist”. Seriously? You’re a fucking therapist? Hold on, someone hand this fucking waste of a therapist a mic so we can hear all about how “experienced” she is.
      For being a “therapist”, you sure lack sympathy. Do you even have any clients? Because if you did have clients you wouldn’t go this route. No, you would see with all your years of experience how fucking brave it was for Albie to apply to this retreat, and how after her experience she had she’s probably an emotional mess, and very likely blaming herself.
      But instead you choose to call her, “resistant”.
      So here’s my analysis on you bitch:
      GTFO with your hatred, victim blaming, lies about being a therapist, etc.
      You know what you are? You’re a fucking PRESENTER. So go try and ruin someone else’s life. We will not let you touch Albie.
      And remember, you’re a total boss babe. 😉

      Liked by 2 people

  3. Get a life! Find something better to write about!! I have been to the retreat and it is truly amazing! Derek and Melanie are truly some of the best people I have ever met in my life!


    1. Hello Alicia, how fantastic to hear that the retreat was “truly amazing” for you. As I have said to the other commenter, perhaps you would like to provide an alternative viewpoint of your experience, just to provide a bit of balance of course. I mean, it is always important to show both sides of the coin. 😉

      Liked by 3 people

  4. I’ve been to Haven retreat with the Younique Foundation and it’s an amazing healing place. I find your blog very sad as it will undoubtedly discourage other women from getting healing that they deserve.


    1. Hello there. I’m glad that you had a wonderful experience with the Younique Foundation. Perhaps you would like to provide your account, to give a more balanced view?

      As for discouraging other women? No… I’d disagree. I’d say that it will actually point them in the direction of genuine charities for sexual abuse survivors, you know, ones actually trained to give them the help and care they deserve.

      Liked by 3 people

  5. Are there any actual stories of people attending the retreat? It sounds like they want you to feel discouraged and uninterested. Sounds like a nonexistant program to me.

    Liked by 3 people

  6. I’m so glad I read this! I could not shake the fact that it just seemed so easy. Easy? Hell no. If you don’t meet the amount they set up you get your little office shut down. And social media is flooded with hostess parties etc. I think it’s crap, and I can get just as good make up or better at the local drug store. If it’s to good to be true, it is! Do you have any more articles about this?

    Liked by 1 person

  7. As a woman who attended the Havem retreat in May of 2016 let me say your negativity towards a program you have never experienced is sickening.
    The haven retreat was the first time since the childhood trauma and abuse, that i felt truely like I understood what my mind and my body experianced. After years and years of every therapy known.. I still didn’t understand the emotions.. the anger.. the hatred i had for not only.my abusers but myself. The Haven retreat taught me soooo much. The love and support i recieved from the counselors as well ss my new found warrior sisters was amazing. I never felt so understood.. so safe and today.. so FREE.
    I learned how to bring myself out of my meltdowns. I learned how to recenter myself when i disassociated. I also learned that sometimes it was ok to not be ok!
    They ask questions that may feel like they are judging you, but in reality they are asking these questions as to know how to help. Also to possibly know which roomie to room u with… there are methods to their questions.
    Derek and Shelan came to the retreat on our last day and spent time with us. Took time to explain the reason the retreat was started. The most amazing story and love from them possible.
    If you are seeking understanding, help, and to find others who can help aide in your journey the Haven retreat is a must. Not to mention they make u feel like royalty from thw moment u step foot into the retreat til the moment u leave… what survivor doesn’t want to feel like royalty in the process


    1. Hello Eva – I am glad that the Retreat was able to accommodate what you needed in order to heal. However, I find your response to Albie’s opinion – who is a survivor just like you – sickening. I don’t think Albie has seen any of the responses to her article yet, but I am sure she will be devastated by some of these attitudes. On the flip side, she will no doubt be encouraged by the words of support that have flooded in for her.

      I always believe in allowing both sides of the coin, so if you wish to provide a counter-article of your own opinion and experience of this Retreat, and what it did for you as a survivor, then we’ll be happy to accommodate.

      Liked by 2 people

    2. “Amazing” “feel like royalty” ” taugh me soooo much”
      Can you actually describe what when on at this retreat, instead of saying a whole lot of nothing?

      Liked by 2 people

      1. I’m hoping someone will actually come forward to produce a viable counter-article, and assure us that the Younique Foundation is actually a wonderful thing… Still waiting, though. 🤔


    3. Did you read the article? Because the woman in question attempted to go to the retreat but the coldness of the lady who interviewed her completely put her off. I wouldn’t want to go either if someone involved in it was rude to me too. I mean we’re talking about sexual abuse survivors here and people should be compassionate, not short and disinterested.

      Liked by 3 people

    4. How could you do all that in 4 days? Ending meltdowns and dissociation. That takes work. Plus working on all those emotional issues like anger. What do they do, seriously, that is a miracle in 4 days?


  8. I’m glad to hear that some people have found help through this retreat. But my experience of accessing counselling and the associated questions could not be more different. I spoke with professionals (and they were ALL qualified professionals) who asked questions in a caring and sensitive manner, who explained the ‘list’ they had to go through and listened and adapted their responses accordingly.
    There are organisations out there, beyond this one, who offer all-round, continuing care, guidance and counselling. Organisations who fully utilize donations and public funding. Who’ll help any abuse survivors, not just a select few, or at least refer and signpost to appropriate help. They also do far more, with far less funding (at least by the maths some Younique presenters throw around).

    Liked by 3 people

  9. Nice exposé of this sham of a charity. Defenders of the Younique Foundation, do tell us about Derek walking on water and how this is like no other charity in the world for helping victims of abuse.

    Liked by 2 people

  10. http://www.give.org/charity-reviews/national/human-services/younique-foundation-in-lehi-ut-44098
    This is the BBB approved listing for the y foundation as a charity. I also have personally attended. They do not turn you away based on a rough history but they will if you are a violent person as you are around other women who have also experienced a similar trauma. It os a wonderful place for healing and was more effecfive than the many years of outpaitent therapy I have been through.


  11. I have to roll my eyes at the skepticism that the author of this blog and her defenders have given to those that have attended the retreat. I also have attended the retreat and witnessed amazing transformations both with my fellow attendees and within myself. You keep fishing for a “counter article”, but by this request do not understand what this entails to a survivor, and not just a bitter skeptic. The intake questions seem personal, but are the same for everyone, in order to ensure the safety of the participants. Sometimes when entering a group therapy environment, one has to realize it isn’t always about the individual, but about the safety of the group. One that is suicidal, addicted, violent, or unstable has no place at a mountain retreat.
    I personally met the best therapist ever, who immediately saw through my facade and broke barriers I had in place for over 35 years. I found peace, friendships, and a renewed sense of hope that years of therapy had not provided me previously. The intense inpatient setting, away from modern distractions, in a beautiful setting with every other need taken care of, allowed for us to truly focus on healing. We attended both individual and group sessions throughout as well as education classes about trauma. We had restorative exercise sessions (Muay Thai and Yoga) that helped us channel our emotions. It should be noted that half of the 24 participants at the retreat I attended were NOT affiliated with Younique, but rather members of the community referred from outside agencies.
    My advice? Please don’t make this into a smarmy sort of thing…because it was quite the opposite. We were cared for from the moment we arrived until the time we left. We were given follow-up care and counselors contacted us every few months and at the one-year mark. The counselors my insurance paid for were never that thorough or caring.
    I guess you got your facts and counterpoint. I’m sure I’ll get trashed, as it seems de rigeur here. But I feel confident my point has been made and hope there are some that see this and are not discouraged.


    1. Hello Jenn. Thank you for sharing your experience here. As I’ve said to other defenders of the article, it’s great that you had a wonderful time at the Retreat. I hope that it didn’t cost you too much in travel costs to get there. 😔
      However, my advice? Not to “roll your eyes” at people like Albie, myself and all the others you think are “trashing” in response. Everyone has their own demons, never assume the reasons why they are all so passionate about this subject.
      I hope there are some that see this, and really start questioning this Retreat before they spend hundreds on attending. We have produced a global resource directory of genuine charities for sexual abuse survivors, which I hope will be of use to them – especially when they don’t involve having to get to Utah. Therapy is certainly not a “one size fits all”, but the particular Younique Presenters who keep mentioning the Retreat in their sales patter need to stop marketing it as a miracle. Yes, screenshots can be provided, they’re all over social media.
      Again, thank you for sharing your experiences, Jenn. I do hope that the approach at the Retreat continues to work for your healing.

      Liked by 1 person

  12. Some of these comments are just sad. There’s a way to defend the retreat without attacking the validity of a fellow survivor’s experience. I initially wanted to lash out against them but instead I will just say that, from one survivor to another, I genuinely hope Albie gets the help that she needs and doesn’t take these judgments to heart ❤

    Liked by 1 person

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