Better Than MLM: Peachy Fox vs. #Poonique (Eye Serum/Gel)

Remember I recently introduced my Better Than MLM feature?  Well, here’s my first post.

I have been trying out the Marine Collagen Eye Gel from Peachy Fox, which I will compare with my experience of the Younique Uplift Eye Serum.

[Elle’s note: Some links contain Amazon affiliate codes, so I may get some revenue from purchases (don’t worry, the price you pay as a customer remains the same, affiliate link or not). As always, I’ve used these products and given them a fair trial, and I would never recommend anything that I wouldn’t use for myself – that’s a promise.]

Made in the UK and based in London, this cool new range is organic, ethically made and not tested on animals.  As I am on a mission to find products that are Better Than MLM, it only seemed right to give this a go.



Initial observations:

Price: £12.99 for 30ml (1.0 fl.oz)

Packaging: Simple, straightforward and looked good on my bathroom shelf! 😉

Paraben and sulphate free.

Not tested on animals.

Lovely natural ingredients listed, such as arnica extract, green tea extract etc.  Full ingredients list here.


With this product, you only require the teeniest amount on your finger – a little goes a long way, so you certainly get good value for money.  Gently dab the gel around your delicate eye area, and allow it to soak in.  Do this once or twice a day as required – I put mine on in the morning, and before I go to bed.

Did it help?  Yes, yes it did. 🙂  Due to my fibro, I am almost always in a state of perpetual exhaustion – as a result, my eyes are puffy and dark.  This little gel has certainly helped reduce this.  The gel itself feels lovely – it does have a calming effect when the skin around your eyes is not feeling its best.  Of course, I am not expecting miracles with my condition, but its nice not to have such blatantly puffed-up eyes.  Also, its good that my dark circles have calmed!

img_20170707_183447-e1499451854315.jpgAny other thoughts?  The pump seems a bit oversized for what you need – as you will note from the photo, it is quite large and would be better suited for a facial moisturiser.

If you aren’t gentle with it, you could easily end up with too much and potentially end up wasting some of the product – that would be a shame, as this is really great.

IMG_20170707_183513 (1)
Ideally, I would prefer to see a more delicate pump like this little one here – you’re less likely to waste the product that way. Especially, if you are a heavy-handed klutz like yours truly!


Will I continue using the product?  Yes, definitely.  Using the Marine Collagen Eye Gel felt like an absolute treat, and it has helped soothe my tired eyes.  Great value for money, exciting new UK-based company, and also reassuring that the products are all-natural and not tested on animals.  Its a 5/5 from me – and an intention to try other products in the range.

Want to give it a go?  Order yours here. 🙂

What is the MLM comparison?  Well, it would be the Uplift Eye Serum from our friends at #Poonique.  It will be difficult to be impartial due to my  feelings about MLM products…but hey, at least I can be honest.

Eye Serum

Those of you who have been following my blog closely will know I ended up purchasing two of these, when Green Elite Overlord Tania was pushing the Black Friday and Cyber Monday value bundles.

I ended up keeping one to use as a demo for customers (or lack thereof).

This little charmer was an eye-watering £50.00 for 14ml!  Granted, its little dropper applicator meant that you wouldn’t waste much…but is this value for money?  No.  

Its hideously overpriced, and we all know why – the presenter has to earn her commission, her upline has to earn commission off her, then her upline’s upline…and Younique itself has to make a profit, otherwise why would they bother?  Hence, you can see how excessive this RRP is.

Don’t get me wrong, it wasn’t bad…but it wasn’t great either.  It had a very oily consistency, and seemed to sit on the skin for a long time before soaking in – it was better being used overnight rather than daytime.

Eye Serum
Source: Pinterest

Many huns thought this was the best thing since sliced bread – the holy grail of anti-ageing, even!  Others were using it on their stretchmarks and claiming it was reducing them, too.  

I would take any such claims with a pinch of salt.  I am not disputing the product’s abilities – but we’re all fully aware of how much huns will feel pressured to exaggerate to get their sale.

To conclude – obviously, its not value for money in comparison with similar high-end products, and thus not worth your hard-earned cash.  

Stay away, buy better.

Please note: Since I left the hunlife, I have been made aware that Younique revamped the product and branded it as Royalty Uplift Beauty Serum (cough).  They didn’t decide to revamp the price though – it will still cost you £50.00.  If you insist on giving it a try, though, I can’t stop you. 😉

I’m also told that they’ve been ultra-generous and added one whole ml to the bottle – the holy grail can be yours for £50.00 for 15ml – bargain.


Its a no-brainer, really.

Don’t forget to share any of your cosmetic recommendations with me – its always good to share.  You can comment below, or contact me via Facebook or Twitter.



  1. Aw, I’m in the US so I cannot purchase Peachy Fox. I’m trying to find something similar here in the States that I can order. Super bummer!

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  2. Ah, here I was all set to add a warning about the FB groups with affiliate links…just as much of a money grabber IMO. If you just keep buying this paint, this workbook, take these courses…you too can be as successful as me. Arg.

    Liked by 1 person

    • I do like this eye gel though, especially because it doesn’t cost £50. 😂 Not all of my Better Than MLMs are affiliated, fear not – some are things I love from my bathroom cupboard.


    • As I’ve said to the commenter below, I was given a chance to trial the products so I did. I continue to use two of them, as my skin gets on well with them. I’ll also use other recommendations that my Facebook followers suggest, as I have problem skin.

      My page isn’t peppered with affiliated links, but when they arise, I will always point them out. Indeed, my other Better Than MLMs reviews this far are items that are in my bathroom cabinet, that I’m simply recommending because they are less of a rip-off than MLM products.


    • Why? I was given an opportunity to trial them, so I did. I continue to use two out of the three, as I liked them. I’m not “peddling” them. 🤔

      The Better Than MLM section also features recommendations from other people, and my review of Lush Cosmetics, which isn’t affiliated – I also recommend high street stuff that’s in my bathroom cabinet.


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